Getting TOO close to nature: South African safari

Any guesses on whether this mum and baby are white rhinos or black rhinos?

Close encounters with rhinos, widow makers, zebra. giraffe and lion in South Africa: my humour piece for The Travelettes, A South African safari: Can you get too close to nature? It takes place at Thornybush Game Reserve, right next to South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.

Looking for more safari info? Check out the South Africa and Namibia pages, including my recent story for Canadian World Traveller about choosing between Team Predator and Team Prey.

Have you had a close encounter with a wild animal? Where?

3 responses to “Getting TOO close to nature: South African safari

  1. Between the rattlesnake and fer de lance in less than a meter on a hike in Belize, a pack of hybrid wolfs/dogs following me on another hike, the scorpion in my bed in Nicaragua and a herd of buffalos crossing my path on a bushwalk with a ranger in South Africa, I had my fare share! Not sure what the scariest moment was… A lonely bull elephant blocking the bridge in Kruger was also a nerve-wrecking one! The most recent was this Spring in Yosemite NP when I was hiking alone and stumbled upon a black bear! Fortunately it did not see me and I silently crept behind a large boulder to from there take a huge detour to pass the bear withou getting noticed, pretty scary! Worst thing… I had a fantastic camera around my neck, and did not take a shot of this very special moments, really regret that now but I was just too scared at that moment… I think that all of the encounters kind of made me jump at the same level!

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      • Absolutely. In all cases I realised I am in their habitat, just a visitor (apart from the scorpion in the bed). Reflex kicks in with these encounters and as I stepped out of their way all was good.

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