Tips for couples travel


Checking out Blackcomb Glacier in July, in shorts and sandals, natch (Whistler, BC, Canada)

I was asked once what I like best about solo travel. Remembering a disaster-filled 6-week long trip many, many years ago, my answer was “no one gets mad if something goes wrong!”.

Yup, attitude makes a big difference — not just with travel, but life in general.

Travelling as a couple has a lot of merits (I’m doing it right now in South America!). What’s the key to avoiding stress? A positive attitude and planning together.

I was quoted in this article by Stacey McKenna for Mind + Body, a Colorado print magazine (Holiday 2015 issue). It has advice from several travel writers about how to not only maintain your relationship whilst travelling, but maybe have it grow even stronger too:

Here’s some more advice: 9 traits of the perfect travel companion.

I’ve also just written two articles about PDA etiquette around the world. You don’t want to offend anyone with your holiday smooches do you? Check it out: Global guide to public displays of affection.

Do you have couples travel advice to share?

Two kitties basking in the sun on the island of Gili T, Indonesia

A happy travelling couple basking in the sun on the island of Gili T, Indonesia

4 responses to “Tips for couples travel

  1. Communicate about your skills and past experiences! Knowing who is best equipped to take the lead on solving problems before they arise can take a lot of pressure off an already stressful situation when it does come about. My partner and I learned this lesson the hard way during our first camping trip together! We laugh about it now, though. If you’re interested, check out our funny tale:

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  2. Find someone you are very compatible with, learn to laugh off the problems, apologize quickly, if you get hungry and grumpy then eat right away and if necessary, split up during the day and hang out in the evening to get some space.

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