Socially-conscious travel: Vancouver

beluga Vancouver Aquarium Johanna Read

It’s great to be on holiday, but wouldn’t it be nice to help make the world just a little bit better while you do?

Well, you can! The Wayward Post, a brand new magazine promoting sustainable tourism, has just published my A wayward weekend in Vancouver story, about how you can enjoy a few days in Rain City and help improve the lives of homeless people, farmers and fishers, as well as a few whales, seals and dolphins too.

Want to learn more about responsible travel?  It’s a win-win: not only does travelling responsibly help the people who live in the destinations you visit, it helps you have a more authentic experience and it makes the destinations better for you and all the people who come after you. It can even save you money, because travelling responsibly means avoiding scams and jacked up tourist prices too. Check out the link above for all my articles.

inukshuk West End Vancouver Johanna Read


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