Contest: win a free walking tour app

Johanna Read travel writer in Lima Peru

Walking (of course!) in Lima, Peru. Photo by Christian Dobereiner.

Love to walk? Me too.

Love to lose yourself, but not get lost? Me too.

Love free stuff? Me too.

I recently received a lovely offer from GPSmyCity, the maker of iOS and Android apps. Their apps feature self-guided walking tours for over 470 cities around the world.

They’ve given me 20 promo codes for full versions of their city walk apps to give away to you. These apps normally cost $4.99 US in Apple’s App Store.

Why are they doing this? Because they know that savvy travellers like you get advice from travel writers and blogs, and they want you to know about their apps.

Why am I doing this? Because why wouldn’t I want to give my readers something useful for free?!

Each app contains several walking tours, with maps and turn-by-turn directions, and they’re designed to be used offline, so you don’t need to worry about buying a SIM card or finding wi-fi during your trip to make it useful.

How to win a free GPSmyCity walking app

I’m always in travel planning mode and trying to figure out where to go next. So, to qualify to win one of 20 free promo codes, please comment below with advice for me on where I should travel to next and why.

I’d award the prizes as follows:

  • 10 promo codes to 10 people chosen randomly.
  • 10 promo codes to the 10 people whose advice I find most useful.
Things to take into consideration:
  • I am Canadian, so my dollar doesn’t go very far in the US or the Euro zone, so those areas aren’t high on my list.
  • I like adding to my list of countries (48 and counting!), but you can still recommend a place where I’ve been,
  • I like destinations that are as different as possible from my lovely home of Canada, my preferred mode of transportation when I get there is my feet, UNESCO world heritage sites are always intriguing, I love good food (street food especially), and I’m not wild about the cold.
  • How to enter: In a comment below, simply:
    1. state a city/region and a country and why you recommend it;
    2. tell me which city you’d like your promo code for (it doesn’t have to be the city you recommend to me). The complete list of GPSmyCity city walk apps is at
The fine print
  • The contest closes at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time December 15, 2015. I’ll pick the names then, send the list of cities chosen to GPSmyCity to get the promo codes with the hopes of emailing them to the 20 winners before Christmas.
  • I need to know which city you want the promo code for, because each code is linked to a specific city app. If your comment doesn’t say which city you want, I won’t chase after you to get it and your entry won’t be valid.
  • Contest is open worldwide and starts today, November 19, 2015.
  • Only one promo code win per person.
  • By commenting below, WordPress will ask you for your email address. Only I can see it, and I won’t share it with anyone. I will use it to send you your promo code.
  • The promo codes are only for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad). GPSmyCity is working on getting promo codes for Android, but don’t have a solution yet.
  • The codes expire 28 days after they are issued to me. I’ll pass them on to you as soon as I get them so you have a whole month to download them.
  • I’m the final decision maker on the contest. I’ll be objective and fair, but if I make a mistake, or you don’t see my email and your promo code expires, or some other thing I can’t imagine happens that you don’t like, well … the only thing you can do is say to yourself “oh well, I’m the maker of my own happiness” and eat an extra piece of  chocolate.


So, please enter the contest by commenting below, and share with your friends and travel partners!

No, you don’t get an extra entry for liking anyone else’s comment, sharing this contest, subscribing to my website or following me on social media … though you will create good karma for yourself :-)

29 responses to “Contest: win a free walking tour app

  1. I know you’d enjoy visiting Russia for the history. Maybe not so much for the food. Auckland app.

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  2. I can’t believe you haven’t been to Egypt! Off you go! App for Beijing for me.

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  3. Phnom Penh – to see if your crazy traffic story repeats!
    Edinburgh app for me

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  4. I recommend Paris because of the architecture and they need tourists. I’d like the app for NYC please

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  5. New Zealand – the hiking is fantastic. App for Auckland of course

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  6. I recommend Punta del Este in Uruguay to you. I hear it is one of the most amazing beach towns in the world. I’m picking Buenos Aires for myself … I hear the architecture is amazing.

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  7. You say you like UNESCO and you’re going to South America, so I recommend Colonia in Uruguay. I choose Vancouver for the app.

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  8. New York City is the best walking city in the world — my recommendation and the app I’d want.

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  9. Even though it is expensive, you need to go to Iceland. The people are amazing and haven’t you always wanted to swim in the Blue Lagoon? Toronto app for me.

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  10. I’ve been curious about Bhutan for a few years now. It looks like an extraordinary place for an adventure! My next place is Thailand including Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Thanks!

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    • I’m curious about Bhutan too, Kirsten — it sounds really wonderful. Congrats that you’re going to Thailand! Do you want the app for Chiang Mai or Bangkok? By the way, the BEST smoothies in the world are in Chiang Mai, by Mrs Pa who has a cart at the south gate. Ask her to mix you whatever she thinks is best that day. She’ll ask you if you prefer sour or sweet and then make the perfect concoction. Mmmmm… I need to get back to Chiang Mai myself!


  11. You’d love the whole country of El Salvador. App for Charleston please.

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  12. Three places that are related to eachother by one artist: Jean Tinguely
    Il Giardino dei Tarocchi (The Tarot Garden: in Tuscany, Stravinsky Park in Paris (, and Le Cyclop outside of Paris ( They all have a musical connection for me and if you PM me, I will explain why. I know they’re expensive being in Europe, but they are totally worth every cent.

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    • Thanks Rosemarie! For some reason your comment didn’t appear right away, but I think I’ve resolved that. Great advice — and with visiting all three I’d have the makings of a very interesting article! I can’t believe I didn’t get to Stravinsky Park when I was in Paris in February … next time :-)
      And don’t forget to tell me which city you’d want the app for!


  13. If I win I want the Granada guide. At around 1.5 hours from home I have to admit I don’t know it very well and even though like you I love wandering to explore an actual guide (it would be my first) could be a good idea.

    Of course I have to suggest you visit Granada too. I see you haven’t – yet. Or my home province of Jaen which is next to Granada and Cordoba so you could visit both The Alhambra and Mezquita in one trip as well as explore Jaen, Ubeda and Baeza.

    So when are you coming?

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    • Thanks! I replied yesterday but my comment seems to be lost in the ether (hope that hasn’t happened to anyone else!!) Granada sounds fantastic, as well as the neighbouring provinces. I’m a firm believer in exploring off the beaten track! How about meet you there in the autumn? :-)


  14. Have you been to Belize? The diving at the Blue Hole is amazing and is is nice and laid back. App choice: Bangkok

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    • Great advice, Jane – thanks! I’ve wanted to go to Belize for years, but still haven’t made it. I hear Ambergris is a very popular base for the Blue Hole, but I’d look for something a bit less known. PS You’ll love Bangkok!


  15. I don’t want to recommend anywhere you’ve been before, but I think you would really like Sri Lanka and the beach towns along the eastern coast. Great food with lots to see.
    I’d like to win the walking app for New York City.

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    • Even if it is somewhere I’ve been before, I’m happy for the recommendation and it all counts as an entry to the contest! Sri Lanka sounds great, Alice – thanks!


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