Foodie Fès (Fez), Morocco

A welome to Fès, Johanna Read

Welcome to Fès! I found these  beautiful door knockers all over Morocco, and they signalled welcoming hospitality (diyafa in Arabic).

One of the ways Moroccans express their hospitality is through food. Lucky me, because food is one of the main reasons I travel. I was thrilled with the food I found in Fès, especially when I discovered two Canadian chefs cooking up a storm in the middle of the medina!

My Fès restaurant advice — plus tips on some other things to do in Fès before dinner — are in this article: Food City: Fès.

Regardless of what you plan to do in Fès, pack a few Arabic books into your suitcase before you leave home to donate to the Medina Children’s Library. Or, better, just donate some cash when you arrive so that you can support both the local economy and literacy. That’ll make you feel even better than the best dessert you can find in Fès (or anywhere else)!

Have you been to Fès? What did you eat? Any recommendations to share?

More Morocco writing to come; you can find all the links on the Morocco destination page.

Canadian chef Oliver Truesdale-Jutras showing off some Moroccan asparagus

Canadian chef Oliver Truesdale-Jutras showing off some Moroccan asparagus

What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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