Thrive: Turning lemons into a lemon pie life of travel

Lemon pie Bali Johanna Read

Lemon pie & lemonade, in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ahhh … lemon pie, and in Ubud, Bali, no less.

Thanks to luck, hard work, planning and a little gutsiness, I turned my lemons not just into lemonade, but into lemon pie. Here’s my article, A Lemon Pie Life of Travel, written for Alexis Donkin’s A Musing Alexis blog, where she features stories about thriving in the face of adversity.

Sitting in my sister’s favourite Bali restaurantCasa Luna, I savoured every bite of my lemon pie as I thought about my life just two years prior to enjoying this sweetness.

In spring 2012 I was rocked with the news I was getting both divorced and downsized. But enjoying this slice of lemony goodness in Bali in spring 2014, I had almost completed a six-month mostly-solo trip to New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. I’d eaten amazing things, seen even better ones, and stayed (for free!) at some truly marvellous hotels, as I’d started writing features for about fantastic places to stay around the world.

Believe it or not, they make lemon pie ice cream!

Believe it or not, they make lemon pie ice cream! @ Goats on the Roof Old Country Market, near Qualicum Beach, BC

Spring 2015 found me even better, in Morocco and Tunisia, and visiting my sixth continent in twelve months, including a press trip to China. As I write this, I’m just back from a press trip to Whistler, and found out this morning I’ve been invited back to China for another press trip. That’s quite a lot of lemon pie!

Here’s my story of turning my lemons into a lemon pie life of travel.

Have you overcome adversity and changed your life to live your dream? I’d love to hear your lemons to lemon pie story (both comments below and guest posts welcome).

Have a look at Alexis’ website if you’d like more inspiring stories about struggling, thriving and changing your life. Check out Alexis’ books if you like to read: she writes fiction (including some young adult novels not just for young adults), non-fiction and poetry. Themes you’ll find in her writing include the environment, conflict resolution, and gender and family issues. And yes, thriving! Her latest is called Thrive: How I Became A Superhero.

And if you’d like to eat lemon pie ice cream yourself, head over to Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. In Coombs, near Qualicum Beach, you can find lemon pie cream and 54 other great flavours at the Goats on the Roof Old Country Market. (“Goats on the roof?” Stay tuned for that story ….)

TravelEater enjoying her lemon pie, this time in ice cream form

TravelEater enjoying her lemon pie, this time in ice cream form

2 responses to “Thrive: Turning lemons into a lemon pie life of travel

  1. It’s funny how things work out in the end. Before I took my ‘gap year’ in 2011 I’d had a really difficult couple of years. It turned out travelling was the best thing that ever happened to me and I am now so happy. It’s important to keep going through the bad times, because you never know what good things are just waiting around the corner :)

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    • Thanks Emily-Ann. Yup, I completely agree. And I think you can choose to be happy and look on the bright side. Bad stuff happens to everyone … it’s what you do when that happens that defines us. Glad your difficult years are behind you!

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