Kiwi writing: Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort Johanna Read

I’m thrilled to now be writing for the Kiwi Collection, and my first article on the fab Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort was just published: Wilderness beyond one’s wildest dreams at Nimmo Bay.

The Kiwi Collection, to quote them, “is the world’s largest independent collection of hotels for people who care where they stay”. Based in my hometown of Vancouver, BC (yes, the Kiwi name makes you think Auckland, I know!), they curate a collection of worldwide hotels to meet the taste of the discerning traveller. They offer hotels at a range of tastes and budgets, but they’re all wonderful. I’ve stayed in many of them, on behalf of, and been very impressed. The Kiwi Collection checks each hotel every year to make sure it is still meeting the high Kiwi standards, and the Luxury Hotel Specialists at Kiwi can book your stay for you, and provide you with some lovely perks too.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is one of my favourites of all the hotels I’ve reviewed around the world. Yes, it is gorgeous, but more than that it gives you a very special feeling of hospitality. Read my latest article for the Kiwi Collection, or the recent one I wrote for the wellness magazine Nanuism, Stress antidote: Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. I know you’ll want to book a trip there soon too!

My stay at Nimmo Bay was hosted by the resort, but, as usual, the views expressed in all my articles are my own and no one from the hotel reviewed or approved my text. 

Sealions Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort Johanna Read

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