Rabat: a good base for exploring Morocco

Rabat, Morocoo, Johanna Read, www.TravelEater.net

Rabat is the capital of Morocco, but most of us have just heard about its more famous siblings: Casablanca, Marrakech, Fés, and Tangier…. Rabat, Morocoo, Johanna Read, www.TravelEater.net

But you shouldn’t leave Rabat off your list.  Its location makes it a fabulous base to explore the rest of the country, and it has many attractions in its own right.

I loved the little blue-tinted Kasbah neighbourhood with its views of the Atlantic surf; the untouristy medina on the Salé side of the estuary and taking the 25 cent ferry to it; and exploring Chellah, the ruins of a medieval necropolis.  And I loved all the fantastic meals I ate.

Rabat, Morocoo, Johanna Read, www.TravelEater.net

I stayed at two unique hotels (my stays were hosted by the hotels, but the hotels did not review or approve my articles):

  • Villa Diyafa, a super luxe boutique hotel in the embassy district, with a wonderful spa; andChellah, Morocoo, Johanna Read, www.TravelEater.net
  • The Repose Luxury Riad, on the Salé side of Rabat, which provides a mix of real Moroccan life with a little luxury too.

More articles to come!

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