Food markets around the world

Market San Isidro Lima Peru Trave Eater Johanna Read.JPG

Markets are one of my favourite places to visit when I travel.  Of course I love the big (usually) outdoor markets with their fresh produce and cast of characters, but I also like visiting grocery stores and supermarkets to see what’s different — and what’s the same — as other places I’ve been.

Kathryn Burrington, from Travel With Kat, has included a few of my favourite markets in her compilation of food markets around the world:

  • Vancouver’s Granville Island, my home market in Canada
  • Puerto Ayora’s fish market in Galapagos, Ecuador
  • Mercado Central de San Pedro, in the Andean highlands of Cuzco, Peru
  • another Peruvian market, the Mercado Municipal de San Isidro, in Lima
  • the street market in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Check out other fantastic articles on too — Kat and I have many of the same tastes in travel and she’s inspired me to tackle some new things and places.


2 responses to “Food markets around the world

  1. I went to the fish market in Galapagos and got great photos. Totally recommend it!


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