Seeing — and being seen — in Galapagos


When you’re in the Galápagos islands, it’s not always clear who is watching whom.

Q: Are you there observing the animals, or are they checking you out?

A: There’s quite a lot of both!

Here’s a story I wrote for Get Real Luxury about taking a luxury Galápagos cruise with Haugan Cruises, followed by a stay at the five-star Royal Palm Hotel Galápagos, on Isla Santa Cruz: Seeing — and being seen — in the Galápagos Islands.

Many thanks to Jennifer of A Lovely Escape for her GoPro shots of the turtles — this one above, and the one in the article.

As usual, my stays were hosted by the hotel/cruise; but the views expressed in the article are my own and no one reviewed or approved my text.

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