Food addictions


One of my favourite things about getting to travel so much is trying new foods.

I’ve eaten some weird things and some delicious things, and some things both weird and delicious.  Though I consider myself an eater, not a cook, sometimes I get to learn how to make new foods too.  In Morocco two weeks ago, I took a pastry-making course in the pretty little town of Moulay Idris at Dar Zerhoune, a guest house owned by an effervescent New Zealander, Rose Button (more on this to come).

Some of these foods I get addicted to.  My biggest addiction is probably to chili peppers, the key ingredient in the Thai staple stirfry pad kra prao (here’s my recipe).  I’m pretty passionate for passionfruit, and berries and cherries too.  I still crave a Mongolian dish from a long defunct restaurant.

I was asked to contribute to an article on travel food addictions.  As I was in Morocco, there was one thing top of my mind — fresh squeezed orange juice.  Thanks to Sally for including me!


What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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