What to pack: essentials for a safari (especially for Namibia)


What to pack in your trunk?

The ever-burning question of the traveller.  The first time you go to a country or on a specific type of trip this question is the hardest to answer.

A safari is an especially difficult packing challenge because out in the bush you can’t just run to the shops to pick up that item you hadn’t realized you needed, and because the environment is so different from what most of us usually encounter.  Plus you need to pack lightly, especially if you’re flying between destinations.

So, what to pack?

The Namibia Tourism Board has published a new version of my piece Five essential for a safari in Namibia, and here’s the original version, with my product recommendations Packing for a safari in Namibia.

Want more info on taking an African safari? Check this safari page, as well as the destination pages for Namibia and South Africa. Safaris can happen in other places too … one of my favourites is the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

And if you’re looking for more packing advice, check the travel practicalities page.

What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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