Galápagos Islands: Don’t wait to see them!


The Galápagos Islands are incredible, and should be on everyone’s must-see list (and while you’re there, book time to visit other parts of Ecuador).

My main piece of advice for visiting Galápagos is don’t wait.  First, the islands are getting more and more popular, which means crowds, rising costs, and perhaps restrictions on the number of foreigners able to visit.

But also don’t wait so long you can’t have the trip that you want.  During my 2 1/2 weeks in the islands, I saw many older travellers who may have waited too long.  It isn’t overly strenuous to see the Galápagos Islands, but you do need to be sure-footed. IMG_6651You will be climbing in and out of zodiac boats, stepping over slippery rocks, and walking over lava fields.  None of these are good places to take a fall, and I saw several.  Plus, you’ll want to take advantage of some fantastic snorkelling and the opportunity for sea lions to play with you!

My latest, for Forbes: Galapagos — why you shouldn’t wait for retrement to take this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

My writing so far on these idyllic isles:






Do you have any advice on visiting Galápagos?


Note: My stays were complimentary, courtesy of each hotel/cruise, but all opinions are my own and no one from the hotels/cruise reviewed or approved my text.

What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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