Vancouver eating: #SkipTheLine with @mintyfusion

Le Tigre & Yolks trucks Photo courtesy mintyfusion

Le Tigre & Yolks trucks
Photo courtesy mintyfusion

If you’ve looked around this website for even a few minutes, you’ll know I’m a big fan of street food.  One of my favourite things about my homebase, Vancouver, is the abundance of phenomenal street food here. (Read more HERE).

Lisa from Yolks Photo courtesy mintyfusion

Lisa from Yolks
Photo courtesy mintyfusion

But … Vancouver weather is not always ideal.  After skipping entirely the winter of 2013-14 and spending October to December 2014 in South America, I fully admit to having lost my Canadian blood.  I am having trouble adjusting to the chill.  So, I walk past my favourite food trucks with their long lines and end up going hungry or eating something I didn’t really want, but that I can get while warm and dry.

But there is a solution to minimizing chill and still enjoying Vancouver street food!



Mintyfusion is a mobile app and platform that enables busy people (and wimpy weather people, like me) to order their food in advance from their phone so they no longer have to wait in line to pick up their meal. Brilliant!

Some of my fave trucks like Vij’s Railway Express are already on the app; you can even order Le Tigre‘s Crack Salad and Angry Kitty Squares!

And it’s not just for street food.  If you’re in a hurry (and who likes to waste time?) you can also use the app to skip the line ordering take out in restaurants, cafés and even your booze at some liquor stores.

Chris & Sandy of Le Tigre Photo courtesy mintyfusion

Chris & Sandy of Le Tigre
Photo courtesy mintyfusion

How it works:

  • Download the free mintyfusion app (Apple / Google Play — direct, or links on
  • Browse the menus on the app (there’s a selection of both street food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants, not to mention the Coal Harbour Liquor Store).
  • Select what you want to eat and the time you want to pick up your food.
  • Spend the time you’d otherwise be waiting in line doing whatever you want!
  • Pick up your food (pay directly) and enjoy.

And once spring arrives, mintyfusion is still a cool tool to save time (plus avoid the dreaded streetfood-lineup-sunburn) (yes, even in Vancouver).

Follow @mintyfusion on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to be in the loop on all the latest developments (including discounts and gifts!), new Vancouver eateries added to their service, and new cities the app will work in.

It’s your time.  #SkipTheLine.



Le Tigre. Photo courtesy mintyfusion



What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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