Hunan, China article in Dreamscapes Magazine


I’m travelling in Peru at the moment, but just learned that my article from my press trip to China in September has been published!

It is in Dreamscapes Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, which came as an insert in the November 26, 2014 Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper).

In the article I talk about Hunan province and the cool mountains you can climb and the pretty historic towns to explore, plus how I became a mini celebrity :-)

As I’m in Peru, I’ve not yet got my hands on the magazine, but you can read two e-versions of the article:

Thanks to Ann H for sending me the photo of her morning coffee and my article!


2 responses to “Hunan, China article in Dreamscapes Magazine

  1. Hi Johanna! It’s absolutely marvellous to learn of your ongoing successes in your career of the heart! You’re an inspiration – continued safe and yummy travels to you! Viv


    • Thank you Viv! Isn’t it wonderful how following your dreams can work out? Wishing you and the best and some yummy travels of your own :-) Johanna



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