Weird foods: Mekong Riverweed and Buffalo Skin Paste

One of my photos is featured on the Food Network’s website in an article about the 20 Weirdest Foods Eaten Around the World.

When I first came across the dish featured — Mekong riverweed with a dip made of buffalo skin and chill peppers — about seven years ago, I admit to being wary.

Riverweed?  Well, that’s a lot like seaweed, and I eat nori sushi.  But a dip (paste) made from buffalo skin and chili pepper?

It was delicious, and I had been craving it ever since!  So, you know that it was one of the first things I ate when I returned to Luang Prabang, Laos in early 2014 during my stay at The 3 Nagas Hotel.



Here’s what the seaweed looks like fresh out of the river and for sale at the local market, ready to take home and mix with spices and sesame seeds and dried into sheets.


And here’s my Food Network photo of the dish ready to enjoy.

Check out the other 19 selections.  Which would you eat?



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