Spectacular Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

P1260645I know I live in a beautiful country, and I know we’re famous for our wilderness.  But that wilderness is all too quickly getting crowded with visitors, polluted, or even disappearing.  Or you have to sleep in a tent and not have a hot shower after your day of enjoying that wilderness (which, well, really isn’t my thing).

But, there is a way you can experience a big slice of Canada’s pristine wilderness and luxuriate too.  Go to Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, one of the Magni7icent luxury wilderness lodges of Canada.

The resort hosted me at Nimmo Bay for five days in mid-June, and it was spectacular.  Read my review of the resort and my destination guide “My Kind of Wilderness — The Canadian Wilderness in Luxury“.


What do you think? Your comments are most welcome.

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