Cooking Thai: pad kra prao recipe

I’ve always said I’m an eater, not a cook (although to satisfy my sweet tooth, I have developed a knack for making desserts; click HERE for Johanna’s Chocolate Caramel Brulée Crunch Ice Cream recipe, and RECIPES in the menu above for my mum’s raspberry pie, molten chocolate cakes, and more).

Making savouries, let alone actual meals, has always been intimidating.  When I travel I can eat well without worrying about creating the meal, I just need to find it.  But I do need to cook when I spend time in Canada in between trips.  Plus, as a frequent houseguest, there are only so many pancake breakfasts you can really make for your hosts.

And so, a cooking class was in order.  With my favourite food being Thai, Thailand seemed the place to start.

Enter Asia Scenic Cooking  School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I spent a day there and learned how to make several dishes.  You can read about my favourite dish in the worldpad kra prao (stir fried hot basil) — and get my adapted recipe HERE, in an article I wrote as’s International Eating Expert.

Check out Asia Scenic‘s website HERE for more recipes.  I strongly recommend it if you’re in Chiang Mai and want to learn more about Thai food.


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