Villa Sungai (Bali, Indonesia) — a top 8 worldwide hotel

I’ve lucky to have stayed at some pretty spectacular hotels around the world, both reviewing for and as a regular guest.

I think Villa Sungai, my first stay in Bali, is the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. And if you’ve been following my updates from Southeast Asia over the past couple months, you know that’s saying something.

What made Villa Sungai so incredible? Click HERE to find out.


Note: I was a guest of Villa Sungai, but these views are my own and no one from the hotel reviewed or approved my text.

2 responses to “Villa Sungai (Bali, Indonesia) — a top 8 worldwide hotel

    • Thank you, yes – I am incredibly lucky! The places I have been able to stay at are truly wonderful.


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