Cooking Malaysian: Nyonya Asam Prawns Recipe (Taj Hotels)

When the Taj hotel group hosted me at their Rebak Island Resort, near Langkawi, Malaysia, the chef gave me a cooking lesson. I learned how to make Nyonya Asam Prawns, and it was surprisingly easy! I’m going to try it myself as soon as I get back home to Canada in March.

Want to bring a taste of Malaysia into your kitchen? Click HERE to see the recipe on World Travel Buzz.

Here’s hoping you get to eat these prawns — or any of the other fab dishes — at the gorgeous Rebak Island Resort too!


3 responses to “Cooking Malaysian: Nyonya Asam Prawns Recipe (Taj Hotels)

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  2. Yum them prawns look delicious! Ive always been one who enjoys sampling different dishes/delicacies.


    • They were! Thanks for your comment. Any dishes in Southeast Asia I should be sure to sample during my travels? Thanks!



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