Fab new book: Forks. A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection, by Allan Karl

Here’s a cool new book from a fellow traveller, foodie and wine lover:

A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection
Three Years, Five Continents, One Motorcycle
By Allan Karl

Three years travelling around the world, solo, on a motorcycle. Curious? I am! And the coffee-table-style book includes 500 color photos, stories of culture and connection, plus 40 recipes — all from 35 different countries.

As Allan describes, “The overall message of my book focuses on the beauty of humanity and how we all need to be open to new things – whether that is through tasting new food, traveling somewhere new, or experiencing diverse cultures”.

He launched a Kickstarter campaign (today!) to gain exposure for his project, fund first-edition printing and allow preordering of the book (which will be delivered in December).

This book would be a perfect gift for armchair travelers, seasoned explorers and culinary adventurists, like you and me! Or, if you’re an aspiring author or photographer yourself, check out Kickstarter and support Allan as good karma for your future book.

Read his Syria story and you’ll cry … cook the Brazillian moqueca and you’ll be fighting off the dinner guests … flip through the beautiful photos and you’ll be planning your next adventure.

Please check it out HERE.

Want to know more about Allan?

Explore: worldrider.com | allankarl.com | tastingadventure.com | digitaltavern.com
Follow: facebook.com/worldrider.pro | twitter.com/allankarl | linkedin.com/in/allankarl



6 responses to “Fab new book: Forks. A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection, by Allan Karl

  1. Thank you Marie, that makes me smile and I’m so happy that FORKS resonates and inspires — you too Michele. So grateful for @TravelEater ‘s post :)


  2. I will be buying a copy of this book. It’s the kind of litterature that inspires me and makes me want to discover the world.


    • Thanks Marie – me too! Thanks for saying so here too, I’ve let Allan know!
      Happy travelling, reading, cooking and eating!


  3. I agree! I can hardly wait to see the book. In the meantime, the Kickstarter and stuff on his web pages looks great! :-)


  4. Very interesting and inspiring . Thank you! Le 2013-09-23 13:45, TravelEater a crit :

    > >


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