Guest post: Hiking in Boquete, Panama

photo by Jason Godfrey

photo by Jason Godfrey

Jason Godfrey, a teacher and outdoor enthusiast from Tempe, Arizona, takes a break from humid Bocas del Toro, Panama to go hiking in the mountains in Boquete.

In this guest post, he describes the dreamy coolness of Boquete and gives insights in how to get to and around Boquete.


2 responses to “Guest post: Hiking in Boquete, Panama

  1. Hey Johanna! I’m living in Tucson now. Haven’t been traveling much with Covid and teaching among other situations.
    How are you doing? Drop me an email if you are interested in catching up.
    Jason Godfrey
    [I have stories, lots of them. I bet you do too]


    • Hi Jason! :-) I can’t find your email … find me on social media? (hope you can see this reply!) I’ll apologize in advance for any delays in my replying though … I have way too much on my plate at the moment. I really hope all is well with you!


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