Edmonton: Real French Pastries at The Duchess Bake Shop

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I was born and raised here, and, ummm …. left when I turned 18.  But I still go back to visit my mum.  And it is much more exciting to go back now that the Duchess Bake Shop has come to town.  This is the perfect place to have a latte and a pastry with your mum, and then to bring home an armload of sweets.  Read more HERE.


3 responses to “Edmonton: Real French Pastries at The Duchess Bake Shop

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  2. I’m going to check out this place when I head up to Edmonton in February. Any other restaurant suggestions there?


    • Sorry for the delay in replying – WordPress put your comment in spam for some reason!
      The restaurant across the street from the Duchess, Sommerville, is great – a wine bar resto. Hardware Grill downtown is nice, on the pricier side though. Jack’s Grill, despite being in a strip mall, has a nice range of dishes and is famous for its bread pudding. d’Lish Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar is good for tapas. Niche is about a year old (downtown) and had people talking early about its Alberta regional cuisine. Corso 32 for Italian. I’ve liked Unheardof since I lived in Edmonton in the 80s.
      I’d love to hear about what you find during your visit. Stay warm!


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