Windstar: An I-SO-need-to-relax vacation

What kind of I-SO-need-to-relax vacation do you take if you consider yourself a traveller, not a tourist?  

You want a fair amount of time to nap and read your book, but can’t stomach another all-inclusive beach resort? You want to see something interesting, but don’t want to spend all your energy getting there?  You want to be treated as an individual guest, and don’t want to stand in lines and fight crowds like on a big cruise?  Your taste buds want quality, not quantity?  You want interesting people to talk to, both fellow guests and staff?

When I need this kind of vacation, I turn to Windstar Cruises.  Read why HERE.

You can read the food section of this post (and see better photos!) on Windstar’s blog page.

Wind Surf, crossing the Atlantic

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